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    Originally posted by MBBChris View Post
    This looks really good! Nice job!
    I hope you don’t mind if I made one for my own collection to?
    Not at all! I am glad that you like it enough to want to add it to your collection. I recently updated the design as in my opinion this looks better. You can modify it however you would like to though. Enjoy!
    Marder II_3.png Marder II.png Marder II_2.png Marder II_4.png


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      Hello again everyone! I have another cool creation to show you. This time it's the Wirbelwind anti-aircraft tank. Making the turret for this piece was a challenge to be sure. Hope you enjoy!
      Wirbelwind.png Panzer IV.png
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      • MBBChris
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        Wow! This looks amazing! Great job done!

      • vegecethepilot
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        That Wirbelwind looks amazing! So fun to see more people dab into SPAAs!

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      Wow! These look really great! Thanks so much for sharing!


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        Hello again! I was originally going to wait until I actually had the parts to build this but I couldn't wait. I am very proud of this particular build. This is my Char 2C. Once completed it will be running on Brickmania single-wide track links. The the two turrets can rotate and the trench skid is removable. Any and all suggestions and critiques are welcome!
        Char 2C.png Char 2C_2.png Char 2C_3.png


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          Very nice! I love the addition of the flag.