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    Micro Brick Battle is awesome! I have always enjoyed the micro scale (10230 Mini Modulars is one of my favorite kits) and I really enjoy tabletop gaming. The one thing that I have felt was missing was a full lego playing surface. I like the house, terrain block, and bridge plans on the site, but I wanted to take it further, so I started experimenting and just finished making this gameboard.


    So what is this? It is a fully modular 4 by 5 baseplate (32x32) gameboard that uses the Modular integrated Landscaping System (MILS) as a guide to design and build the playing surface. While it might be a little expensive per module for the parts (about $20 for a basic "grass" only module, more for the more complicated modules like the bridge over the river), it can be re-configured relatively quickly to change the terrain for each game. Additionally, it can be combined with friend's modules when you get together for an in person game.


    So far I have built the following modules:

    - 8 basic grass modules
    - 4 road modules
    - 3 river modules
    - 1 road/bridge over river module
    - 1 house module (I used the Brickmania Bricksmith Shop for this)
    - 1 bomb crater module
    - 1 cliff face module
    - 1 tank barrier module (I was going for something like an asparagus barrier or Rommelspargel)

    Additionally, I have an assortment of small trees, large trees, brown czech hedgehogs, and dark grey czech hedgehogs that can be placed as desired throughout the board.


    Now that I have the basic board, I have been thinking about the next things the build. I think the first thing will be to build some houses that can be randomly placed or even a small village. I have also been thinking about making a couple of gun emplacements. What do you think, what is missing?

    Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or if you want a closer picture of a specific part of the board.

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    Wow! That is spectacular! Thanks for sharing! I know every commander would have a blast playing on that battlefield!


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      That looks great!
      Non-Brickmania-employed MBB scale model designer


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        OH... MY... GOD! This looks amazing!! I could only dream of owning something like this! AMAZING!!


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          Looks awesome!! Hills! if you don't want to do fully built hill You could vary the color in order to depict height (typographical map like) I like your high rocks as well a great Line of Sight blocker!

          I am a big fan of making things modular! I can't tell if you have done this here but I would highly suggest using the short axel *2 length. and have four of them located at the base of the segments. This will allow quick (snap) together but also make it easer to hold its shape. Check out Micropolis standards to get a idea. For this size I would actually suggest having 2 on each edge.

          Either way looks amazing and a fun way to play!
          Amanda Feuk aka MNARTGIRL
          Animator/ Game Developer at Brickmania


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            Thanks for the nice comments Derek BKM , Grasshopper Squadron , MBBChris, and Mnartgirl!

            Thanks for bringing up the Micropolis standards. I remember reading about it in the past but haven't looked at it in a long time. The MILS standards are very similar in many respects but where Micropolis is focused on cities, MILS is focused on terrain. This is one of my basic modules cutaway so that you can see how it is built:


            I like that it is built up a little by default so that the area under can be used for building things like the tank barriers or rivers.


            Hills are a great recommendation! I have considered them but hadn't really worked through how to make them reconfigurable. After thinking some more about it and looking back at the MILS standards online (there are hill profile rules but I hadn't looked that closely at them), I think I have some ideas for basic modules that could work well.

            Thanks again for the comments!


            • Mnartgirl
              Mnartgirl commented
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              yeah I haven't looked at their standards for a long time to be honest. lol kind of forgot about them. It is using the same idea of bringing things up off of a base plate. Which is the only way to build to limiting. I always find myself regretting not giving more height to builds if I don't.'
              They laid things out quite nicely, Easy and clear instructions. for those who don't know the site.

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            Thanks again for sharing, and that cutaway helps me visualize how they are built. Makes perfect sense to give space for rivers and ravines, and probably trenches and bunkers too (now that we have Infantry!!). Please keep up the great work! Can't wait to see more!


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              This is awesome!
              I love the idea that everyone could have their own personalized "ideal terrain" that they can just show up, plug-in, and can really mix up the play field.
              Some one can show up with a beautiful budget friendly desert set, with matching desert army perfectly camouflaged until they cross over into your overly complicated city ruins transitioning the battle from open fields into tightly spaced CQB.
              I might need to design some blocks while I wait for my Lego order to arrive lol! Work on that budget desert maybe!