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Vehicle Stats Formula

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  • Vehicle Stats Formula

    Below is my current Updated/Finalized Formula that I've been using, it brings values close to official.

    I've tested this with every German & French Unit along with most American units.

    Keep in mind to balance in favor of faster gameplay, ie more boom = more awesome!

    This formula converts the real world Vehicle stats into MBB stats.
    All values are rounded to the nearest decimal.
    AP* = W1/10k & (W2/10k ect.)

    DP = ((A*S°)÷10) ÷2

    MP = (((Speed*Range)÷1k)÷1.6)+1

    RC = AP+DP+VM**

    S°: 45°=1.5 60°=2 75°=1.5 90°=1
    W1: Main Turreted = mm*m/s
    W2-ect.: Secondary non MGs =mm*m/s.
    The secondary weapons don't normally get calculated, this is here more for multi-turreted designs and a handful of other exceptions. I personally rule that Hull guns can be used separately but you must choose either to use the turret or the hull gun for the turn then play accordingly: ex, The Char B1 Bis can operate as a turretless SPG, +1RC.

    *Every 2 MGs = 1AP

    **VM - Vehicle Modifier:
    -Cars/Trucks, weak stuff= 3
    -Artillery, SPG, Tanks = 5
    -Planes = TBD > 20
    -OP Stuff = one of above + 10

    Example Tank:

    M1 Abrams
    Armor: 175mm & 60° x2 = 350mm
    Weapon: 105mm & 1501m/s = 157.6k
    Range/Speed: 426km & 72km/h =30.7k
    Produced: 3.3k

    AP: 16 DP: 18 MP: 20 RC: 49
    (Abrams is Hilariously OP Against WWII Tanks)
    Extended Victory Table
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    Originally posted by ODST-cg317 View Post
    So myself and others have been wondering what the formula used to determine vehicle stats is. I have created a formula for my use that creates stats similar to the existing ones (I used the M4 Sherman & Tiger I as the base.)

    But my question is, what's the formula you guys at Brickmania use if any to determine Vehicle stats? So this is done in several ways. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that of balancing the game. .
    ow I am very aware that many battles from history are not balanced. Many tanks greatly outshine and out preform others.
    But MBB is about a fast paced fun game that is accessible to all ages and able to picked up quickly.
    We could get caught up in all the detail and have saving throws for side armor shots and so on...But we have done that in the past and there are dozens of other games that already dive deep into the hyper realistic side of combat. Don't get me wrong I love me some big box, heavy rule games with long sessions. Huge fan. But that was not the goal or intent of MBB.

    I am super impressed with your formulas. Your formulas are basically spot. The changes you are seeing between your static formulas and the existing stats are from a few things. 1 balancing, 2 flavor, and 3 specific special features or scenario based. These are also listed in order of importance.
    When making stats for new MBB units the first thing I do is research, I take note of armor thickness, weapons and so on.

    Most of what happens is first looking into the main weapon (the biggest factor in AP) and seeing if any other units have similar or the same. We have so many stats made most of the time this is true. We then take into account how this vehicle preformed. (alot of help from Dan and the others here)
    I look at then how it preforms in a base army of 150 RC points. is it going to be so overly powerful that others wont be able to compete against it? There is nothing more frustrating than going to a planned session of MBB to find that your opponent has broken the game. (Note there is a big difference between breaking the game and finding clever tactics and maneuvers with specific powerful units.)

    Armor works the same way.

    Attack points for airplanes are different. 1 additional Ap is added for every 2 guns. RC is based on all stats including payload. MP is based on Speed and range 330-369 =18 MP, 370-400 =19MP,
    401-430 =20MP If range is over 1000 and it is appropriate for game play a bonus ability is added (Example KI-51 sonia )

    After making stats for so long Dan and myself usually are able to plug things in fairly quickly.

    Below is my Current Formula that I've been slowly adjusting to bring values more in line with official vehicles. This formula converts the real world Vehicle stats into MBB stats.
    The example Sherman and Tiger stats where calculated using the info available on Wikipedia & Tanks-Encyclopedia.
    All values are rounded to the nearest decimal,
    AP*= (W1+W2+ect.)/10k Main weapon is the base of what the AP is set on. Machine guns and so on do not tend to factor in here, there are some units that this is not the case but in general.
    DP= ((A*S°)÷10) ÷2 - This works.
    MP**= (((Speed*Range)÷1k)÷1.6)+1
    RC***= AP+DP+5 This is adjusted up or down on a sliding scale when needed to make overall armies more consistent. So if a unit has a special ability for example. Adjustments such as if two vehicles would cost the same but one has a significant advantage on one state vs. the other their RC cost will be adjusted. For example the Tiger I and the Ferdinand have the same RC with the formula but overall the tiger is going to be a stronger game unit. So it was adjusted to Tiger I -RC20 and Ferdinand being RC 19.

    S°= 30°x2.5 60°x2 75°x1.5 90°x1 -

    *MGs don't count towards AP
    **Max MP is 16
    ***MGs count for 1RC
    ****S°: armor slope needs to be found either via educated guess or from a reference.

    M4 Sherman (MG)
    Armor: 51mm 75°x1.5 = 77mm
    Weapon: 75mm 618m/s = 46.4k
    Range/Speed: 48km/h 241km 11.6k
    Produced: 49.2k

    AP: 5 DP: 4 MP: 8 RC: 14 (15)

    Tiger I
    Armor: 120mm 90°x1 = 120mm
    Weapon: 88mm 930m/s = 81.8k
    Range/Speed: 45km/h 195km = 8.8k
    Produced: 1.4k

    AP: 8 DP: 6 MP: 7 RC: 19

    The Produced value I use for army building so that's more fluff than anything.
    That is the base of it. I would say this is a great way to let the community get stats. As play testing a new unit happens you will quickly discover weather it is OP or Balanced. Wonderful Job!

    PLAY ON!!

    Amanda Feuk aka MNARTGIRL
    Animator/ Game Developer at Brickmania


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      Fascinating... and definitely not my side of expertise!
      Non-Brickmania-employed MBB scale model designer


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        Thanks for the quick reply!
        It's good to hear that I was going in the right direction. And even better to know some of the finer details. I hope leaving this here will be useful for others in the community!


        • Mnartgirl
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          Sorry I responded to this right away but apparently it never posted. SORRY! anywho I made this post sticky. I believe this will help the community greatly! again great job, happy holidays!

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        Very impressive!


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          wow that is complicated good job!