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    How does one build an appropriate list for MBB? Let’s discuss some general ideas to apply when creating one. To keep things simple we’re going to assume a few things: 1. 100pt game, 2. Only tanks, 3. It’s a standard elimination match.

    The main thing to consider in building a list is firepower efficiency. What I mean by this: take a variety of AP levels, with more emphasis on AP4-5 than those higher. Different APs perform better against different targets per point of RP. Lower AP has better per point performance against low DP because both have low costs. High AP is good at killing everything, but you pay a premium for it so it’s not great for low DP and cost units. An ideal list would comprise mainly of midrange AP, low cost units and one or two high AP, high cost units. By doing this, we should have a good mix of firepower volume and magnitude. A sample US list could look like this: 4 easy eight Shermans and 2 M46s, for 100pts. This gives us the flexibility to fight both high and low DP targets effectively and some durability to boot. The other part of firepower you want to consider is the volume of shots you have. The number of shots you can take is as much important as the power of those shots. The more shots you have, the more chances you have to kill enemy models.

    Another thing to consider is you mobility. I feel like mobility is a hidden gem in MBB. Mobility is important because it determines who is going to take the middle of the battlefield. If your army is slow, you might not make it to solid cover before your enemy starts firing on you. Even a little bit of mobility can go a long way in making sure that the middle stays contested. Modifying our previous sample, we’ll drop two of E8s and replace them with M18s, they are probably the best mobility option in MBB. The six points we save can be used to field cheap artillery or a half squad of infantry.

    The final point to consider is engagement methods, basically: do you want SPGs? They offer decent firepower that can hit anywhere on the board as long you have the target spotted. This also means that your enemy might make choices to protect key units from your SPGs, hiding them until later. Or force them to make unfavorable moves to continue to hide them. However, SPGs can detract from you flexibility since they usually lack decent DP and MP to be effective at close range and require targets to be spotted to really make use of its strengths. Having too many SPGs will eat up valuable RP that would be better spent on proper front line units.

    Further modification of our list we drop another E8 and one of the M46s, this gives us another 35pts in addition to the 6 we have from our last modification. With 41pts we can get an M7 for 13 and two M4s for 28. Our final list is: 2 M18s, 2 M4s, an E8, an M46, and an M7. With this we have a decent volume of fire and the firepower to take on some harder targets, the mobility to contest the map, and we keep the enemy on their toes.

    Now, of course these are all suggestions. One can build any kind of list and see success. List composition can be an important component to success, but it really comes down to the tactics you use to achieve that success.