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  • updated stats tables

    Hello everyone,
    I recently have been getting back into Micro brick battle and have not been able to find various official stats for the released aircraft and artillery. Would anyone know where someone could find stats for these or other tanks that did not make it into rulebook volume III?

    If there are no available sources I am willing to create updated stats tables if anyone has relavent information.
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    There's a guy that has done some, but I'm not sure if it's ok to release them yet, and I'm not sure if it's encouraged to release the stats for the stuff that Brickmania is currently selling.
    Non-Brickmania-employed MBB scale model designer


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      I understand the fact that it would be improper to release the stats for currently released models without consent from brickmania, however when I have looked at the MBB archives it appears that all models, except the C-47 and Waco glider, have been retired.

      I apologize for perhaps coming off a little brash in my previous post. It just feels like there has been an understandable lack of activity from brickmania, in micro brick battle, while they focus on other endeavors.


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        Hey, we have discussed releasing the stats here in the past. I cannot give you an exact date when this will happen, as we are discussing several ways to do this, but eventually, all the stats will be available.

        GAME ON!
        Amanda Feuk aka MNARTGIRL
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          Great to hear,
          Indeed I have seen that releasing the stats talked about in what I believe was the stats formula post and it just felt like it had been a while. I am happy to hear that stats are on the way at some point in the future.

          Thanks everyone for helping clear this up for me.