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  • Suggestions & Ideas Welcome!

    Many of you are already familiar with Brickmania's Official Suggestion Box, it's an endless trove of awesome ideas from our fans from all over the world. We want to create a community-based version for the forums that can help our fans engage with the sorts of things they want to see in the future both from Brickmania and from the community as a whole. We've started a few threads already, but this channel should be available for you to bring your pitches to the community too! If the community supports or deems a particular idea fun and original we can start some Community Awards and celebrate the best suggestions.

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    It would be cool if Brickmania did a “Wunderwaffe Bricks” instruction book with all the previous kits and some new ones. Also a “Vietnam Bricks” Volume 2 with more North Vietnamese builds including the Mig 21 and the American M48 Patton. Additionally a “Space Race Bricks” book would be good. And finally a “Korean Bricks” with all previous models and new ones too.


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      Originally posted by Russiantanker12 View Post
      It would be cool if Brickmania did a “Wunderwaffe Bricks” instruction book [...]
      I think this topic was meant to be MBB specific, but please correct me if I am wrong, as that happens sometimes. Unless you meant those to be new MBB Books.
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        How about a flag battle style, one tank is your "flag tank", and if it is destroyed, you lose - ?


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          Good idea. We play often with just a flag on a bar, and who captures the flag of the opponent wins. Is fun to.

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        Special Points (SP) seperate from Resource Points (RP) to regulate rare and really powerful units. So you can play with a high amount of RP and no SP, but also with a low amount of RP and high amount of SP, the amount of SP should be agreed on by the players before building a force.
        Some examples of SP cost would be: A43 Black Prince 1 SP, Maus 3 SP and T26E4 Super Pershing 2 SP. This way someone can play with a high RP while still excluding rare and prototype units, while someone who is more fine with these type of units like T26E4 Super Pershing and Sd.Kfz. 165/1 can play with them.
        Yes you could just ban these units but I have found it easier to have the only limit stuff based on the agreed consensus between players than outright ban them.


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          I think a veteran level would be a good idea. You pick a few of your tanks to have experienced crew members that buff your tank slightly. The logic is that the more familiar you are with something like a tank the better you will be able to use it. Extra defense points would mean they are really good at figuring out the angle the tank should be to enemy tanks. Extra movement would mean they would be familiar with how the suspension handles certain terrain and would thus be able to push the tank to it's limits. Extra attack points would mean the gunner knows the weak points of the enemy tanks or is an expert marksman with the gun or both. I wouldn't recommend adding more than 2 points to any given stat. You could add colored or unique bricks on the tanks to remind you which ones are veterans.