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  • Suggestions & Ideas Welcome!

    Many of you are already familiar with Brickmania's Official Suggestion Box, it's an endless trove of awesome ideas from our fans from all over the world. We want to create a community-based version for the forums that can help our fans engage with the sorts of things they want to see in the future both from Brickmania and from the community as a whole. We've started a few threads already, but this channel should be available for you to bring your pitches to the community too! If the community supports or deems a particular idea fun and original we can start some Community Awards and celebrate the best suggestions.

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    It would be cool if Brickmania did a “Wunderwaffe Bricks” instruction book with all the previous kits and some new ones. Also a “Vietnam Bricks” Volume 2 with more North Vietnamese builds including the Mig 21 and the American M48 Patton. Additionally a “Space Race Bricks” book would be good. And finally a “Korean Bricks” with all previous models and new ones too.