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Reinforcements Town Siege Scenario Release

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  • Reinforcements Town Siege Scenario Release

    We have just released an excellent expansion for Scenario 10 - Town Siege that adds Snipers to the base Infantry Rules! The Reinforcements Town Siege is an excellent way to put your new Brick Mini soldiers to the real test! You and your family can spend the winter playing a number of different variations of this highly flexible scenario. Setup historical battles or create your own to make a battle worth remembering! Let us know how your battle goes by giving us your after action report! Have fun and roll on!

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    Also Unit Leaders and Artillery Crew rules!!
    Amanda Feuk aka MNARTGIRL
    Animator/ Game Developer at Brickmania


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      Darn it! I still have to play the game with infantry and you guys are already expanding the scenario's!!!


      • Mnartgirl
        Mnartgirl commented
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        Yes sir! Before we ever released the infantry rules, a large amount of the specialist rules had already been created. We will continue releasing new unit rules and stats for other vehicles! Fun stuff to come!

        Play ON!!

      • MBBChris
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        Then we have to start playing with some soldiers quickly