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  • Aircraft rules questions

    While doing a couple of games with my Brother-in-law we had a couple of questions come up. If, as the MBB Rule Book says an aircraft can only be on the table for two rounds, how can you use them on a table that is bigger than say 38" long in the case of the P-38? Likewise, is it possible with the existing rules to have more than 1 aircraft on the table, in play during any given round? Thanks for the help!

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    Hey excellent questions.

    So for the aircraft. if you are playing on a bigger field size. There are a few good options. One they exit the battle field from what ever direction they are flying in at the end of the second round then follow the normal reentering rules. Two they continue to move off of the field in future turns, but cannot attack until after two round and a success on the reenter roll. Planes can be quiet OP
    You can also play where they have no reenter rule. Planes are on the field after a successful roll. Then they continue either until they are out of missiles and bombs or after 4 rounds whatever comes first. Then they are done for the remainder of the game. It is a faster and dirty way of playing aircraft.

    Yes you can have multiple aircraft out. You would just be rolling a d6 for each plane before it makes it into battle. That being said there is no reason you can't set up scenarios where they aircraft start in play.

    Thanks and Play on!

    Amanda Feuk aka MNARTGIRL
    Animator/ Game Developer at Brickmania